AirAsia’s Santan Food Festival: The Largest In-Flight Food Tasting Event in Asia

Just recently, AirAsia hosted the largest in-flight food tasting event in Asia, the Santan Food Festival, featuring meals from across the region. The event showcased santan hot meals from across AirAsia’s network, including the latest siganture dish, Thai Green Curry with Rice, an aromatic chicken curry infused with authentic Thai spices served with fragrant white rice.

The Santan Food Festival entertained over 200 people from across Asia including from Myanmar, Japan, Indian, Brunei, and South Korea. Guests has the opportunity to not only taste a bunch of different dishes but also watch a cooking demo by AirAsia Regional Manager of Group Inflight F&B, Chef Calvin soon.

Fun Facts about AirAsia’s In-Flight Meal Experience

  • It takes AirAsia one year to create your new favourite dish
  • They have 90 different meals across their network including briyani, nasi dagang, pad thai, nasi kuning manado, and chicken adobo
  • About half of your taste buds turn numb when flying but AirAsia’s Asean flavours still pack a punch
  • AirAsia’s hot meals are heated in the aircraft oven for 15 minutes on the dot

Pre-booking meals

When you fly AirAsia, you’re encouraged to pre-book your meals rather than purchase them online, which can be more expensive. Pre-booking also offers a wider menu to choose from so you can be certain to get the meal that you want on-board. All of this can be done online and ahead of time, so you can relax as you travel.

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