Etihad Airways Executive Breaks World Record for Flying Around the Globe

What a sweet, sweet feeling it must be, to achieve your life's dream.

Etihad Airways proudly celebrates Andrew Fisher’s achievement of creating a new world record for the shortest time and fewest number of commercial flights taken to fly around the globe. The Etihad Airways’ Vice President of Fleet Planning has wanted to do this since he was a teenager, so this is literally a ‘dream come true’ moment.

Andrew targeted the record for over 20 years and was ecstatic to clock in his new record of 52 hours and 34 minutes, beating the previous holder by three hours and 13 minutes. His journey covered 41,375km on scheduled flights by operaters KLM, Air New Zealand, and China Eastern. Starting from Shanghai, he flew to Auckland, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, and back to Shanghai.

andrew fisher world record for flying around the globe

Image credit: Etihad Airways

“Although I managed only 16 hours of sleep throughout the journey, I still felt fresh, perhaps due to the adrenalin and excitement at completing this unique experience. And it’s a great feeling to be part of a company that encourages and enables its employees to pursue their dreams,” said Andrew.

Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer, Peter Baumgartner, congratulated Andrew and said, “This feat requires significant commitment, dedication, and perseverance – values that we at Etihad instill in all our employees, and we are extremely proud to have Andrew as a member of our Etihad family.”

To watch the video of Andrew’s flight around the globe, click here.