Trip ideas for the long weekends in May 2018

As you know, Labour Day is next Tuesday,  1 May 2018. Which means, taking Monday 30 April off will give you a total of four sweet days away from work. If you’re fortunate enough to still be able to apply for an off day for then, that’s great! Otherwise, don’t feel bummed because there’s another such occurrence happening on 29 May for Wesak Day. The same principle applies, take Monday, 28 May off and you’ll have a four-day weekend. For some stress-relieving fun times, here’s a few trip ideas for the long weekends of May 2018.

Escape the heat

Image credit: Ben van Wijnen

For a relaxing weekend with slightly cooler temperatures, take a leisurely 40 minute drive to Janda Baik in Pahang. It is a small town that offers city-dwellers a quick escape from the traffic and heat, with attractions like hiking to waterfalls, bird-watching, and fishing. Visitors will also be able to get beautifully fresh fruit and vegetables at the Bukit Tinggi New Village, where they are sold. Another location option is Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill, near Taiping, Perak. The entire hill is a resort, however, and private vehicles are not allowed to enter. Instead, the resort offers a shuttle service priced at RM3 per child and RM5 per adult. The vicinity offers many nature trails, but there’s also the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari and the Taiping Lake conveniently located at the bottom of the hill.

Load up on vitamin sea

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The monsoon season is finally over, so you know what that means! It’s a great time to head to our beautiful beaches and islands on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Whether you’re a dive enthusiast or more of a snorkel person, check out places like Pulau Tenggol and Pulau Lang Tengah, besides the regulars of Redang and Perhentian. Turtle eggs-laying season also happens to be from May to September, and visitors can catch a glimpse of them at Teluk Mak Nik in Terengganu.

Reconnect with nature

Image credit: Sekeping Serendah

Another option is to work on your inner zen and retreat to the many jungles of Malaysia for some rest and relaxation. Pictured above is the room called ‘Glass Box 1’ at Sekeping Serendah, just one of the many nature retreats within a two hour drive from KL. Many of these hideaways have limited mobile service and minimal amenities, so it would be a really good opportunity to disconnect and live a simpler life for a few days. Look out for places that offer special sunrise or sunset decks for yoga if that’s up your alley, otherwise most stays also feature nearby hiking trails to waterfalls.

Party like there’s no tomorrow

Image credit: RTW Backpackers

If you don’t have a problem with the tropical weather and have lots of energy to expel, hop on a plane to party island Koh Phangan for the next long weekend of May. The timing will be perfect for the full moon party that’s happening on 30 May 2018. This trip is sure to satiate the party animal in you. Dance your heart out the whole night long with thousands of other partygoers and then relax or explore the surrounding islands the next day. Check out a few videos of the past Koh Phangan full moon parties as well as reviews on TripAdvisor to get a better idea of what to expect.

Soak up some culture

Image credit: Royal Abu Bakar Museum

Being the culture and heritage-rich nation that we are, spending some time learning more about our history and influences might not be a bad idea. Plus, we have so many museums scattered around just Peninsula Malaysia itself that it would be a shame to not visit them while we can. For starters, here’s a list of eight lesser-known museums to visit in Malaysia.

Eat your way around town(s)

Image credit: Miss Tam Chiak

Malaysians are spoiled rotten with all the glorious food we have, it’s true. Pictured above is a typical Nyonya laksa, just one of eight Nyonya dishes to try in Melaka. Other renowned food trail places in the country include the ever-popular Penang, not-so-quiet-anymore town of Ipoh, and of course, beloved Melaka. Even if you’re not too keen to leave the state, there are plenty of fantastic food places in KL and Selangor too, depending on what you’re looking for. All it takes is a quick Google search or call to aunties who know secret places, then you can go about munching the weekend away!

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