Zunum Aero Unveils the First Hybrid-to-Electric Aircraft

Zunum Aero, a Seattle-based aviation company, has revealed details of their hybird-to-electric aircraft configured to carry up to 12 passengers. With the launch date set for 2022, Zunum Aero offers the first in a series of places designed to offer ‘affordable regional travel’. The aircraft will be able to travel about 1,100km (700miles) using a combination of electric and hybrid power which reduces noise and emissions by about 80% compared to conventional aircrafts.

Batteries are integrated into the wings of the aircraft which enables them to be quickly swapped out at recharged at airports. According to Zunum, they’re target is under-used airports in secondary destinations in the regional market of USA. The plane is also expected to reduce travel time by half and reduce cost as well.

According to their website, Zunum aircrafts’ operating costs will be about 8 cents per seat mile, matching the cost of per seat mile of low cost carriers which averages about 7 to 8 cents per seat mile. Network carriers, on the other hand, cost about 11 to 12 cents.

Testing for the yet unnamed hybird aircraft is set to begin in 2019. Check out a video simulation of the aircraft in flight below:

Zunum Aero 12-Passenger Aircraft from Zunum Aero on Vimeo.

Source: Business Traveller