Discover India with Jet Airways’ Explore India Pass

Traveling to more than one destination in India during the same trip? Keep track of your bookings easily with Jet Airways' Explore India Pass.

Jet Airways’ Explore India Pass allows travelers to book multiple flights between India’s 46 local destinations with just one booking. Passengers also enjoy an enhanced luggage allowance. Economy Class guests are given a free baggage allowance of 23 kilograms while Premiere travelers can score up to 46 kilograms while booked on domestic India flights.

The more flights you book in advance, the greater your savings, too. Guests also enjoy the flexibility of changing travel dates or routes at any time.

Terms & Conditions:
• End-to-end combination required with 9W international flight to India.
• Minimum 3 coupons and maximum up to 10 coupons on domestic
• Endorsement: Tickets Must Be Annotated “Non Endorsable”
• Combine flight from across 3 zones. Consecutive sectors not required
• Single booking reference. Entire itinerary in the same PNR/Ticket
• Fares – System Auto Prices

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